Growing in numbers at the same time as in influences and scope, they’ve become a fine, innovative Acid Jazz-styled group, taking in rock guitar, funk, and of course jazz. ‘Rosie’ is a prime example of their art, with elements of Ben Folds, bits of Dave Brubeck, touches of JD McPherson, and occasional flashes of J. Mascis guitar breaks, all mixed in with storytelling, narrative lyrics. ‘Rosie’ is a beautiful mix of jazz guitar, flashes of rock flourish, and Rhodes piano, mellow and outlandish at once, all wrapped around the overall sound of a band that’s utterly aware of the sum of its parts; tight, assured, and with some serious groove.” - Alex Holmes

— A & R Factory on Rosie

With a refreshing flair, these jazz infused funk rock blends stand out on their own. Hinging on narrative-based lyrics, the storytelling on these tracks is spectacular. With a seamless approach, these smooth lounge tunes evoke a magical and fantastical element. The album cover art features a scarecrow on a lane that leads to the City of Oz. As the band states, the journey leads them far from home. You don’t know if the characters ever come back. This is a realistic, though slightly pessimistic, way of looking at things.” - My Nguyen

— Divide and Conquer on Scarecrows EP