The Third Arrangement Bio


In a blend of rock, funk, jazz, and pop, the band fashions sounds that range from warm and open to dark, syncopated Purdie-Porcaro shuffle grooves laid underneath noiresque confessions.

Keyboardist and songwriter Nathan MacAdams was seeking a group of his own, where he could write and perform upon influences of soul, rhythm bands, jazz rock, and harmonic complexity. While meeting New Jersey local guitarist Frank Morley, MacAdams was quick to work and rehearse already written material, and as a result formed The Third Arrangement. About a year later, the ensemble expanded and started performing throughout greater Philadelphia. The following year they set out to record their debut EP, Scarecrows (2019). In 2021, The Third Arrangement brought out two singles, touching on groove rock with “Rosie” and more jazz-pop sensibilities through “The Look”. They are currently lightly performing live while recording and expanding their work.

Rev. September 2023


Nathan MacAdams - vocals, keys

Frank Morley - guitar

Matthew Goodman - bass, backing vocals

Nicholas Cesario - drums





photo: Katt Wilkins

Extended Band

musicians part of the extended studio/live band

Justin Fraser - trumpet

Jake Fraser - alto, tenor sax

Evan Smith - baritone, tenor sax